Communique - Vol 114

One kind word can change someone’s entire day.


Rank Advancement - August 2017


Kirsten Chobanov          Kimberlin McCormack
Cherie Lord                     Darby Mandy
Amber Lee                       Jillissa Molnari
Linda Johnson                 Alicia Fethke
Sandra Burns                  Piper Stewart
Michelle Harvey             Miranda Sims


Bonnie Steele                Tonya Jones 

Trish Schoendorf           Shantel Bradby

Kelly McWhirter            Kendyll Isabell 

Sandra Jacobs               Donna Harris 

Dajana Wetherbee       Chrissy Shoendorf

Beau/Ashlynn Naquin     Ashley Anastasio


Vicki Edgar                Kelly McCracken

Helen Silvernail         Ellisha Ford

Danielle N Bo Bradford


Jenn Schoon 

Amie's Jewels of Wisdom

Are you looking for opportunities to grow your business every day by meeting new people?

  • Reconnect with past friends, hosts and customers
  • Kids school (new grade new parents)
  • Kids sports (new season, new team, new sport and new parents)
  • Work your JOB
  • Upcoming event/occasion (people you don’t know)

What activities and/or actions are you doing in your day to day living that would support your business?

What Partner Brands and/or products do you love “A must have”? Then who do you know that would love to try them?

Find new prospects as you live in your day to day world, who are they?

  • Bank teller
  • Stylist
  • Checkout clerks
  • Sales person
  • Teachers
  • Barista
  • Waitress
  • Person in front or behind you in line

Challenge yourself to meet at least 1 new person a day that you could add to your - Business page, VP group or even Team page. A minimum of 1 a day that’s about 30 new prospects/customers a month that you could add. Do that for 3 months and you’ll have up to 90 new prospects/customers in your business.

Imagine what your business would look like if you talked to 2, 3 or 5 a day. The growth potential can be unending.

Now is the times to be looking for and signing up for Fall Festivals and Holiday Boutiques. Make sure you are where others are shopping.

Start with a goal and plan - How many customers do you want/need, and in what time frame (by when)? How many prospects are you sharing with and how many need to say “YES” (to being your customer, host or new team member)? How many connections do you need to generate a day? Know what you need at all times in order to evaluate where you are and what you still need to do. Ask yourself the important questions like; what do I need to accomplish this month - Sales, Host and NEW Team Members?

Recognize that Sales is a process - Sales is changing rapidly, but some things will always be the same. The objective is to get customers to do that  you’ll have to establish their needs and interest in your products then decide to make the sale.

Measure every step - Anything worth doing is worth measuring and anything that can be measured can be improved. Don’t wait until it’s too late to reach your numbers this month. If you measure everything you do you’ll be able to solve problems as they arise.

Sell to people who want to buy -Reaching out to people who don't respond and/or reply  will not do or add anything to your business . Spend your time connecting with people who want to hear what you have to say.

You know the old saying “If you can’t change the people, change the people”

Training Call Opportunities!


Do you ...

Seriously want to grow in Rank?

Seriously want to grow in PQV?

Are you ready …

to not just listen and be inspired

but also put these ideas into ACTION?

Join our Field Development Manager, Karen Braas-Johnson, as she holds a LIVE Training Call entitled …


This training will be offered on …

Wednesday, September 13th ... 9:00 AM PST

Thursday, September 14th ...… 2:00 PM PST

Monday, September 18th ……..  5:00 PM PST

Call-in Number

(888) 574-0933

Plan a time that works for your schedule and “Seriously” join in!

Allow 45 minutes … 30 minute training and 15 minute Q & A



Mid-West Training Event

Join Brandi Willis, Beth Horton, Jennifer Childress and Jennifer Rowell at the East Coast Summer Training Event on Saturday, September 23rd. The event is centrally located in downtown Indianapolis at the McCormick & Schmick's restaurant in the downtown Hilton.

Address: 110 N Illinois St. Indianapolis, IN. 46204
Registration Link:

West Coast Training Event

The West Coast Training Event will be held by Bonnie Overfield, Crystal Given, Jennifer Childress, Randi Harwood and Carole Jacobs on Saturday, September 30th . This training event will take place at the Embassy Suites by Hilton Seattle Tacoma International Airport. Address: 15920 West Valley Highway, Seattle, WA. 98188
Registration Link:

Gemstra Consultant Corner

"I have a level 1 that just signed up on 8/20/2017. His name is Sean Carter and he is incredible!! He actually was a consultant a while ago, but had to step away for a time due to health reasons and such. Well, he's back with a vengeance!! He hosted his launch party LIVE on Facebook pretty much exactly like Amie just talked about in our training Wednesday night and in 45 minutes did well over $600 in orders and finished up the entire party with over $900!!" 

Jennifer Rowell, Gemstra Ambassador


  • Beginning October 1st. 2017: Reminder that All accounts need to have your account information up to date for the monthly $10.00 technology fee effective for October. ANY/ALL accounts that are not current will be compressed out and any downline structure will be compressed up to the next appropriate leader. Please do not wait once accounts have gone through compression we can not revert back. This is a follow up to the announcement made three (3) months ago that all Gemstra Consultants need to pay a monthly $10.00 Technology fee to remain as an active Consultant.  Policies and Procedures Section 3.21- Activity/Compression: "3.21 - Activity/Compression Effective 10/01/17: To stay active, a Consultant must continue to pay the monthly technology/platform fee (technology fee must be paid concurrently). Compression is designed to ensure all Gemstra Consultants have an active and engaged Sponsor who is leading by consistency and example. Deactivation will occur if a Consultant fails to pay the monthly technology/platform fee. Upon deactivation, the Consultant’s Team will roll-up (compress) to the nearest eligible Quartz and above Consultant Leader. 

  • Paid Ads: Consultants we are asking again that is you see a Paid Ad please do not click on it. A charge will come in and we are tracking to see where they are coming from. Also, please do not post any links or contact information in the comment sections. These are not intended for finding and connecting with new customers.

  • Measurable Difference: FAQ's for our partner brand Measurable Difference has been added to the resources section.

  • Classic Candle Update: Just wanted to remind everyone that the price on our Classic Candle will be changing to $26.99 retail beginning October 1st. 

  • September Sponsoring Incentive: For every new consultant in the month of September that you sponsor and get qualified within their first 30 days ($100 PQV) you will receive a $20 bonus separate from your commission. We will run reports on October 2nd, October 16th and a final report on November 1st. Please allow up to 72 hours for our Finance department to process these and make the deposit to your Paylution account. Click on the link to watch Amie's video on this announcement
  • New User Generated Content Tutorial Video: Using UGC (user generated content) to personalize your customer's experience and enhance their engagement. This video will review new features that are available to you in your Gemstra boutique.


Book Your Coaching Call

Are you ready to grow and take your business to the next level? Book your one-on-one Coaching Call with our Field Development Manager, Karen Braas-Johnson. Karen has 16 years of Direct Selling Experience and is here to work with you where you are and where you want to go!

First, you must be at least a Qualified Amethyst (meaning you have received your Amethyst Rank Advancement Bonus) and achieved a minimum rank of Amethyst in your previous month. (If you are a transitioning Consultant, you must have achieved Amethyst in your previous month.)



BOOK 1: Consultant Onboarding! We have a strong vision to provide fun, flexibility, and freedom to independent Consultants everywhere. Our vision is to grow digital first entrepreneurs, offering robust technology and instant online support.

BOOK 2: Road to Leadership! Welcome to one of the most exciting journeys! We invite you to join our Leadership Team, and learn how to build a stable business and advance to the next level of Leadership.

BOOK 3: Become a Leader! The road to leadership is an exciting journey and one never traveled alone. You will learn what it means to be a Leader and why so many Consultants have chosen to build and lead a team.


When: 10/04/2017
Time: 6:00PM PT / 7:00PM MT / 8:00PM CT / 9:00PM ET
For participants: Dial (605) 468-8002
Enter Access Code – 956270#


If you do not like what your business is doing for you, then change how you are working in your business. You are in control of the outcome. Challenge yourself to talk to two (2) new people everyday. This will breathe new life into your business.


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